Ohio Historical Marker

Cheese Industry

Huntington Township, Lorain County, Ohio

Huntington was a farming community and in 1866 the first cheese factory in the township was put into operation by J.C. & C.W. Horr. The milk of 1,000 cows supported this cheese factory. Another cheese factory was established by J.A. Snow, on his farm in April 1868. Soon there were many cheese factories in Huntington which were owned or controlled by the Horr Warner & Co. There was a Creamery and cheese factory on State Route 162, one and one half miles east that was still in use in the 1910’s. Mr. Charles Regal was brought to Huntington in 1913 to manage this cheese factory.

The Rise and Decline of The Cheese Industry In Lorain County by Frank C. Van Cleef

Welcome to Historic Huntington Township, Lorain County

"As late as the Civil War era, cheesmaking in Ohio remained largely a cottage industry. After investigating new processes and obtaining pledges for a reliable milk supply from area farmers C.W. and J.C. Horr built a modern factory in Huntington Township in 1865. The Horr Cheese House was immediatlely successful, prompting more farmers - and cheese makers - to enter this industry. By 1878, more than forty similar operations made Lorain County a center of the American cheese industry. The Cleveland, Columbus, & Cincinnati Railroad at Wellington enabled distribution to national markets. The Horr's pioneer operation stood 1.4 miles east."