Wellington Fire District

Mission Statement: "Proudly serving since 1881, the Wellington Community Fire District protects the citizens and property of our six communities, by providing professional, courteous, and cost effective fire prevention, protection and emergency services." 

Non-emergency Phone: 440-647-2245
Emergency Phone: 911


Lorain County Sheriff

Mission Statement: "We are the guardians of society's laws who respond to the needs of Lorain County residents in a caring, courteous and professional manner to ensure the highest quality of life for all people."  The ICE program is designed to aid emergency responders in their efforts to identify or aid victims.  I.C.E. (in case of emergency) is making an entry into cell phone's address book with ICE indicator (ICE MOM, ICE DAD).

Emergency Phone: 911


South Lorain County Ambulance District

Residents can obtain free blood pressure checks if their physician has prescribed a blood pressure regime.

Visit the Southern Lorain County Ambulance District for more information!
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United Way of Greater Lorain County 2-1-1 Community Resource Directory

The mission of United Way of Greater Lorain County 2-1-1 is to connect individuals with health and human service organizations and services in the community of Lorain County.

Phone: Dial 2-1-1


Lorain County Office on Aging, Southern Satellite Office

Our goal is to help older adults to live happier, healthier and more independent lives.  Some services we offer; Meals on Wheels, Information & Assistance, Benefits Screening & Assistance, Options Counseling, Support Services, Housekeeping and Chore Services, Escort Assistance to Medical Appointments, Food Assistance (including home-delivered meals), and Kinship Services to Older Adults

Visit the Lorain County Office of Aging Southern for more information!
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Lorain Soil and Water Conservation District

Mission Statement: "The Lorain Soil and Water Conservation District provides leadership in a partnership effort to help people conserve, maintain and improve the natural resources and environment in Lorain County."

Pond Construction

Please contact the Soil and Water District for up to the date information on building a pond and any requirements.  Anyone wishing to construct a pond in the Township should also contact the zoning office (440-647-5100) for further zoning information.

Visit the Lorain Soil and Water Conservation District for more information!

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Lorain County Rural Wastewater District (LORCO)

"This establishment is a result of the collaboration of twelve Townships, three Villages and the Lorain County Commissioners. Its concept goes back to mid 1993 when the needs of central wastewater collection and treatment systems were perceived to be greater than ever. This isn’t the first time central sewer service has been discussed but rather with the sheer determination liken to the success of the Rural Lorain County Water Authority, this group of Township Trustees and Village Officials recognized the wisdom of pursuing a long term plan for this much needed utility in the rural unincorporated areas of Lorain County."

Visit the LORCO website for more information!
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Rural Lorain County Water Authority (RLCWA)

"We serve many of the rural areas and several municipalities in Lorain, Huron, Medina, Ashland, Erie, Cuyahoga and Wayne Counties."

Visit the RLCWA online for more information!
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Lorain County Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security

Mission Statement: "The mission of the Lorain County Office of Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security is to serve the citizens of Lorain County through effective planning for natural and man-made disasters. Our goal is to save lives and to protect property through coordination of an integrated emergency management system with all emergency response organizations, support services and volunteers."

Emergency Phone: 911

Visit the Lorain County Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security website.
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Lorain County Free Clinic

Mission Statement: "To provide access to free health care to patients between the ages of 19 and 65, who have income below 250% of Federal Poverty Level, or who do not qualify for medicaid or affordable access to insurance privately or through the Affordable Care Act."

Visit the Lorain County Free Clinic website.
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Well Help

Township residents in need of assistance could contact Well Help to discuss their needs.  

127 Park Place

Wellington, Ohio

Phone: 440-647-2689. 

If you can provide donations (non perishable foods, canned food, paper products), to help your neighbors they can be dropped off at the Huntington Recycling Center during Saturday recycling days and the Township provide the items to Well Help.

Lorain Medina Rural Electric (LMRE) People Fund

The Lorain Medina People Fund is also a good source of assistance. The People fund is financed though the Rounding up program on your LMRE electric bill.

Visit the LMRE People Fund for more information!

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Salvation Army

Township residents may inquire with the Salvation Army for additional assistance. Salvation Army has numerous programs and benefits available, including free income tax returns and access to the benefit bank to aid those who qualify for HEAP and various other programs.

Visit the Salvation Army, Wellington for more information!

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Community Assistance

Community Links

Findley State Park

25381 State Route 58
Wellington, Ohio 44090

Findley State Park is located in southern Lorain County south of the historic Village of Wellington on State Route 58.

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Lorain County Metro Parks

"The Lorain County Metropolitan Park District was established for the responsible use, enjoyment, and accessibility of every citizen of Lorain County.

The Park District acquires land to promote and demonstrate the wise use of our natural resources.

The Park District strives to preserve and create a diversity of ecosystems while providing educational and recreational opportunities which are compatible with and promote conservation of these resources."
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Lorain County Local Information

An online platform for the exchange of local information, ideas and commerce in Lorain County.
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Lorain County Visitors Bureau

Family Recreation, Outdoor Adventure, Back Roads, Beaches, Historical Sites, Shopping, Sporting Events and more all here in Lorain County.
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Ohio Township Association

The Ohio Township Association (OTA) is a statewide organization dedicated to promoting and preserving township government in Ohio, through lobbying efforts and educational forums.
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Huntington Township, Lorain County, Ohio
Welcome to Historic Huntington Township, Lorain County